All our ministry programs are intended to move people Godward through Christ-centered relationships. At the heart of those efforts is our network of Community Groups. Beyond the Community Groups our core ministries revolve around the Children’s, Youth, Women’s, and Men’s Ministries. These four ministries form our main effort to minster to people in every stage and circumstance, whether as families or as individuals. Additionally, we have a number of other ministries to people in the varied circumstances of life. For example, the Extended Ministries seek to expand the reach of our efforts to make disciples in our community and around the world. The Stephen Ministry provides confidential support to individuals in difficult life circumstances. And we meet people’s basic physical needs through our Benevolent Ministry. We hope that you will find a place in the ministries of our family of faith – both to serve and to be servedget Connected

Fall 2016 Ministry Line-up

For the full listing of our Winter and Spring classes and studies please click on the PDF below.

Fall Line-up 2016