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Psalms Project

Beginning with Psalm 1 on Sunday May 24, 2015 (Pentecost), we began a congregational project of singing through the whole book of Psalms in Sunday worship, one psalm each week (Psalm 119, the longest psalm, we will sing one stanza per week). Our project will culminate with Psalm 150 on Sunday September 2, 2018 at our Christ at Center communion service.


For the first 1800 years of church history, psalm singing was an integral part of Christian worship. However, in the 1800s hymn singing became so popular that, by the end of the 1800s, many evangelical churches no longer sang any psalms. With the advent of the praise chorus in the mid-twentieth century and then the modern worship song toward the end of the twentieth century, partial psalms made a reappearance in congregational worship, but typically not whole psalms. At WBC we realized that we rarely sang an entire psalm and we certainly didn’t sing the entire book of psalms. While continuing to sing the great hymns of our tradition, as well as many new songs, we began a deliberate effort to also sing the psalms.

The psalms were written to be sung by God’s people, and they have much to teach us about thanksgiving, praise, lament, hope, biblical history and theology. It is hard to fully absorb the language and worldview of the psalms without actually singing them as we are directed to do in Scripture (Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:19). This project has provided us a simple way to deliberately keep the word of Christ richly dwelling in us through hymns, spiritual songs, and psalms.


Following the example of the early church, we have chanted a few of the psalms–this has stretched us musically! Following the example of the Reformers, we have made good use of metrical psalters–translations of the psalms into the rhythm of English poetry–so that we can sing the psalms to familiar hymn tunes or other melodies. We have also used contemporary paraphrases that cover the thematic content of the whole psalm.


While the focus of the project has been and continues to be singing the psalms together in Sunday morning worship, in response to requests from our congregation we have started recording our psalm settings. Beginning on October 26, 2016 we have been releasing a new psalm recording each week: Psalm Recordings.

Sheet Music

These are the musical settings of the psalms we have sung to date:
Psalm 105
Psalm 104
Psalm 103
Psalm 102
Psalm 101
Psalm 100
Psalm 99
Psalm 98
Psalm 97
Psalm 96
Psalm 95
Psalm 94
Psalm 93
Psalm 92
Psalm 91
Psalm 90
Psalm 89
Psalm 88
Psalm 87
Psalm 86
Psalm 85
Psalm 84
Psalm 83
Psalm 82
Psalm 81
Psalm 80
Psalm 79
Psalm 78
Psalm 77
Psalm 76
Psalm 75
Psalm 74
Psalm 73
Psalm 72
Psalm 71
Psalm 70
Psalm 69
Psalm 68
Psalm 67
Psalm 66
Psalm 65
Psalm 64
Psalm 63
Psalm 62
Psalm 61
Psalm 60
Psalm 59
Psalm 58
Psalm 57
Psalm 56
Psalm 55
Psalm 54
Psalm 53
Psalm 52
Psalm 51
Psalm 50
Psalm 49
Psalm 48
Psalm 47
Psalm 46
Psalm 45
Psalm 44
Psalm 43
Psalm 42
Psalm 41
Psalm 40
Psalm 39
Psalm 38
Psalm 37
Psalm 36
Psalm 35
Psalm 34
Psalm 33
Psalm 32
Psalm 31
Psalm 30
Psalm 29
Psalm 28
Psalm 27
Psalm 26
Psalm 25
Psalm 24
Psalm 23
Psalm 22
Psalm 21
Psalm 20
Psalm 19
Psalm 18
Psalm 17
Psalm 16
Psalm 15
Psalm 14
Psalm 13
Psalm 12
Psalm 11
Psalm 10
Psalm 9
Psalm 8
Psalm 7
Psalm 6
Psalm 5
Psalm 4
Psalm 3
Psalm 2
Psalm 1