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Starting Point

Next Session will run April 15th, 22nd, & 25th.

Sign up today at the Welcome Desk in the foyer.

How do I join Starting Point?

Starting Point classes are on-going. The next session starts January 14th. For questions or to join, please see us at our Welcome Desk, or contact Pastor Ashley Brown at 376-2176 or ashley.brown@wasillabible.org.

What is Starting Point?

Starting Point is designed to be an on-ramp into the various aspects of congregational life. If you would like to join a community group, pursue church membership, get baptized, find a place to serve, or get connected with this church family, Starting Point is a great place to begin. Starting Point will consist of three low- key sessions in a relational setting where we can get to know one another, typically over a meal. The bottom line is that if you want to move deeper into church life, Starting Point is where you want to go.

Why Are We Doing Starting Point?

It’s our desire to make disciples for God’s glory. That’s why we exist as a church. We are convinced that the most effective way to do that is through Christ-centered relationships in the context of a family of faith. And so we have designed Starting Point as a tool to help people make the relational connections that will enable them to continue moving God-ward in our family of faith.

Who is Starting Point for?

Starting Point is for anyone from the person who has been around forever to the person who just walked through the door. Starting Point will help you get connected to one of our community groups. If you’ve decided that you’d like to become a member of this local family of faith, Starting Point is where that process begins. If you’d like to find a place to serve but aren’t sure how to find the right place for you, Starting Point will walk you through that process. If you want to be baptized, Starting Point is the place that journey begins. In short, Starting Point is where all paths into deeper congregational life converge, and so it is for anyone looking to get more fully involved in the life of our family of faith.